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Irene Newhouse's Web Pages

The Lida District & Lida city  sites  on Shtetlinks

Lida District Home Page

Berlin Jewish Community Documents
with permission of the Leo Baeck Institute of New York, which owns the originals, here is a spreadsheet extracted from the marriage register of 1852-1855. Thanks to Judy Nathan Elam, who obtained the photocopies & permission to post. I have extracted all the information I was able to read, and I have no further information on these records.
Does your child need something to chew on?  Here's how to make a chew necklace.
Does your child have trouble lining up digits in multiplication problems? Here's a sample of paper with large boxes which our daughter used.

Family trees of Lida families
descendants of Khonon Pupko - by Fred Cutter

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Reuven Poupko has asked me to post this family history by his maternal grandfather

German Jewish Family Trees -Family trees of Bavarian Jewish families of Middle Franconia

 Dietenhoefer, Selke, Kirschbaum, Neuburger, Rothschild,Schönwalter, Gutmann, Gerstle, Heidecker, Hessdorfer, Bauernfreund, Landau, Bär, and Neumark

Compiled by R’ Meyer Schuster, teacher in Ellingen (1898-1981)

In order to meet 0catch file size limitations, I had to remove several images of hand-drawn trees. The material has been transcribed just below the pictures. If these are your families, and you want scans of the hand-written trees, I'll email them directly

My maternal grandmother's grandfather was from Kempen in Posen, now Kepno, Poznan, Poland.  I've collected some of my material on him and on Jewish life in Kempen.

My maternal grandmother's grandmother's family, the Bauers, were from Breslau. [Under construction!]  

 Famous descendants of Jente Hameln Under construction  

Breslau --under construction -- updated 7/01

Dela Lipinskajawas a star of German cabaret in Weimar Germany, but she's all but forgotten now. Here's what I've been able to find. I would appreciate help from someone in the UK with identifying whether she left a sheet music collection to any archive.

 Links to other sites on the Web
Jewishgen Home Page
 All kinds of links to German genealogical sites:  name dictionaries, genealogy word lists, on-line translators
Cross-reference of German and Polish town names in Posen
A list of towns in Poland by German name
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Other Family Web Pages
Honorary cousin Will Yancey's Silesian Family History Site

Links to sites of family interest
Dr. Markus Brann
Gross Breesen
Gut Winkel
Murder of Martin Gerson, director of the Auswanderlehrgut Paderborn
George Landecker & Gross Breesen 

Can you read the inscription on this picture?  It's probably one of the obsolete forms of German shorthand.