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Daniel Itzig (1722-1799)

and his wife


Miriam Wulff (1729-1788)

Miriam Wulff is a greatgranddaughter of Jente Hameln.

Jente Hameln = Salomon Gans
Zippora Gans = Elia Wulff Dessau
Benjamin Simcha Dessau Wulff
Miriam Wulff (1727 - 1788) = Daniel Itzig (1723 - 1799)

She married Daniel Itzig, one of the wealthiest and most influential Jews in Berlin in his time.  Like all extremely successful Jews, the source of his income was from financing royalty and nobility.  The couple had 15 children, whose children and grandchildren were all above average.  Nearly all of them were very assimilated, and left Judaism.

Their children:

Hanne Itzig (1748-)
Bella Itzig (1749-1824)
Isak Itzig (1750-)
Bluemchen (Susannah) Itzig (1752-)
Moses Itzig (1753-)
Elias Itzig (1755-) (later Hitzig)
Benjamin Itzig (1756-) (later Ilsing)
Voegele (Fanny) Itzig (1757-)
Zippora (Cicilie) Itzig (1760-)
Sara Itzig (1761-)
Jacob Itzig (1764-)
Rebekka Itzig (1765-)
Recha Itzig (1766-)
Juettche (Henriette) Itzig (1767-)
Lea Itzig (1768-)