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Dela Lipinskaja



Singer, actress, cabaret artist

Go to http://ehpes.com/blog1/2011/11/22/theater-greats-in-czernowitz/ and scroll down or search for Dela Lipinskaja to see a photo 
Dela Lipinskaja was one of the cabaret stars of  Weimar Germany, but since then she seems to have disappeared from collective memory. This page is an attempt to reverse the process.  She was born in "Russia" and died in the "United States". (Very helpful info, no?) It now appears she did not die in the US - read through to the bottom of this page.

She appeared in Berlin the mid-1920s in the cabarets Rakete (Rocket), Charlott-Kasino (Charlotte Casino) & Kabarett der Komiker (Comedians' Cabaret) (1)

She was in the cast of the 1926 documentary movie "Der Tonfilm"  (Movie with Sound) (Note that she was still a minor!)

In 1928 she was the prima donna (not bad for a 21-year-old!) of that fall's Haller Revue. The  Haller Revue's August opening was considered to inaugurate the cultural season. (2)

She was also involved in the Polish sound film "The Morals of Mrs. Dulski" in 1930.

She corresponded with Kurt Tucholsky, who wrote song lyrics for her.

Her performance of Feb. 22, 1933 at the "Curiohaus" in Hamburg resulted in an antisemitic screed in the "Hamburger Tageblatt" that resulted in her being forbidden to perform in public by the Nazi regime. Thereafter, she worked within the framework of the Judisches Kulturbund (Jewish Cultural Union), before Jewish-only audiences. This work took her to Rhein-Main, Rhein-Ruhr, Cassel, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg.

She's listed in the 1933 Vienna telephone book: Dela Lipinskaja-Nevolin - Theresianumgasse 33, Vienna IV tel 40-0-53 (3)

Between 1934 and 1937 she appeared several times in Leipzig, sponsored by the Kulturbund, as well as at the cabaret "Der bunte Karren" (The Colorful Cart). She performed a solo concert called "Petit Fours" in which Walter Lajtai accompanied her (4)

She performed in Vienna in 1937, at the Curhauscabaret, and in Schevingen, the Netherlands

In 1938 she gave Kulturbund concerts in Duesseldorf and Breslau,  with chansons by
Fred Endrikat, Joachim Ringelnatz, Curt Bry, Herbert Witt; Erich Kästner, and Werner Finck

She emigrated to Great Britain. In May 1944, she played in Peter Herz' "Blue Danube Club" in "Der blaue Vogel" (The Blue Bird). She also performed for the Austrian Labour Club (5).

May 1945 saw her in an "All Star Concert" at London's Coway Hall. Other performers were
Sybille Binder, Agnes Bernelle, and Fritzi Schadl 

In December 1948 she was the soloist in a benefit concert for the Association of Jewish Refugees in London. 

In the 1940s and '50s, she often performed with Hilda Loew-Flatter (6)

New Year's Eve 1952, she was part of "Continental Star Parade" at New York's Town Hall (7)

She is listed in London telephone directories from 1939 to 1974, with a few short gaps. This suggests she did not move to the US ca. 1948. From these directories it is apparent that her husband was Boris Nevolin. (8)

There are two archived records for arrivals in NYC: Daniela Nevolin, Dec. 20, 1952, single, British citizen, address in NY. Although this conflicts with her other biographical
information, it must have been when she arrived for that New Year's eve 1952 concert in NYC. Her husband is not on the passenger list. (8) Then she returned again on the Queen Mary in Feb. 1953, again alone, listed as Daniela Cossio-Nevolin. This manifest lists her address, which matches that in the telephone books for Mrs. Dela Lipinskaya, gives her occupation as singer, and states that she's married. (8) This passenger lists clinches the identification.  Further, there's an entry in the digitized London Gazette for her husband, "Baruch [there's clearly an ocr error in his given name] Zisea Cosio (known as Boris Nevolin)" (9), at the correct address.

Daniela Nevolin died in the UK on July 11, 1984. There was an announcement in the London Times on July 13 [These online entries are index entries only]. (8)


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